True N. Nguyen is a designer with a small stature and big dreams,
mostly about having a taller stature.

True grew up on the mean(ish) streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at Carleton University. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, where she is a transplant cactus trying to retain water and not die of the heat.

These days, True works as a Design Practice Lead for IBM, where she is charge of culture change using IBM Design Thinking on a global scale for IBM Cloud products.

True loves art, food, laughing and design. But most of all, she loves people. True truly believes in outcomes over incomes, connections over transactions, people over products, creativity over productivity. Since she is trained as an industrial designer, she does her utmost to leverage our everyday interactions and experiences in her work, so using new technology can be intuitive and seamless and we can be enabled by our tools and technologies, rather than inhibited by them.

When True is not sitting at a coffee shop people-watching, she likes to go for bike rides, play the occasional game of croquet (complete with outfits), wearing matching sweatsuits to the cinema and having sad-face contests with her dog, Thomas. So far, he is winning.